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Everyone wants the secret to youthful, healthy skin and an easy way to lose weight. At VCA TECH, we use advanced laser technology to develop and produce beauty and weight loss equipment that offers safe, effective and affordable cosmetic treatment. Our flagship products include the SHR machine, 808nm diode laser, IPL machine and E-light machine for hair removal and skin rejuvenation, ultrasonic cavitation slimming machine and cavitation RF machine for weight loss, fractional CO2 laser system for skin resurfacing, cryolipolysis machine for fat freezing, and the duet RF system for wrinkle removal. With imported components from well-known international suppliers and professional customized services and technical support, our hair removal, skin care and slimming equipment is the answer you need for getting the look you want.

Main products
  • Quality Control
    1. VCA TECH Technology
    2. Quality InspectionVCA TECH is a globally-recognized OEM and ODM beauty machinery provider with a production base, full-service system, and internationally advanced production management. The company is certified by the ISO13485 quality management system, and all products are compliant with CE standards.
    1. VCA TECH Technology
    2. Company TourVCA TECH Technology is a beauty equipment supplier, making e-light machines, ultrasonic cavitation machines, and Nd: YAG laser machines to treat hair, skin, wrinkles, and tattoos. Check out our office buildings and warehouses where we design the equipment, market our products.
  • Service (OEM/ODM)
    1. In addition to a wide selection of skin treatment equipment, VCA TECH also provides timely and professional services for customers around the world such as the following:
      1. A technical instruction book and operational videos on CD included in shipment
      2. Three year quality warranty
      3. Technical professionals to help with local and long-distance operation, care and maintenance
      4. Spare parts and accessories delivered within 5 business days as needed.

      OEM / ODM Service
      We have established OEM / ODM production bases for skin and hair treatment equipment and a comprehensive service system for clients around the world. We implement internationally advanced production management and have passed the ISO13485 international quality management system certification; all products are CE certified.

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